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What are SIPS?

Structural Insulated Panels (or SIPS) are a high-performance engineered wood product with a super insulating core of rigid expanded polyurethane sandwiched between two layers of Oriented Strand Board (OSB). SIPs are manufactured under factory controlled conditions and can be custom designed for each home. The panels can create large sections of wall, floor and roof. The result is a building system that is extremely strong, energy-efficient and cost effective. Building with SIPs will save you time, money and labour.

What are the costs?

Depends entirely on its design but the installed cost of SIPS is comparable to timber frame construction to the same specification. The benefits over timber frame construction are reduced construction time, labour and waste to name but a few and there are many long-term benefits for the homeowner in energy savings and performance etc.

How much faster can I build with SIPS?

SIP homes go up much faster than traditionally framed buildings. The panelised nature of the system can enable a fast track building process which can help to reduce construction time. A typical two-storey 200m2 house could take just 12 days to factory fabricate and then 12 days to erect on site.

How are electrical wiring and fixtures installed?

If required on external wall’s they are simply surface mounted and then boarded over. Internal walls are timber stud and surfaces follow a standard installation.

What is its fire resistance?

It has a ½ hour fire resistance as standard with an internal lining of 9.5mm plasterboard. This can be increased to 1 hour by using a 12.5mm Fire Resistant PB instead.

Is it an environmentally friendly product?

Yes, Kingspan TEK is a AAA rated product, it can be used to create energy efficient buildings. Achieves whole wall and roof U-values of 0.19-0.10 W/M2.K or better. Once installed SIP can easily achieve excellent air tightness values significantly below its competitors. Creates minimal site waste as kits are designed, cut and palletised in a quality controlled, factory environment.

How far will Sip Hus take my build?

Sip Hus can provide a full structural shell; this typically includes SIP walls and roof, joist and deck system, internal stud walls and all structural elements required ie:glulam/steel beams. We leave the structural shell wrapped in a weatherproof breather membrane ready for follow on trades.
How strong are the panels? With the Kingspan TEK system you can build single skin buildings up to four storeys high before requiring additional portal frames.

How are the panels connected to one another?

SIPs are placed over a bottom sole plate and are connected to one another with either timber or OSB splines. A top plate is then fitted to complete the ring, all joints are glued and nailed.

Is a SIP house mortgageable?

Kingspan TEK is a fully mortgageable build system that is recognized by major warranty providers.

What are my design possibilities?

Any house shape and size is possible, and after the structure is complete you can pretty much clad it with whatever takes your design fancy! You may want a traditional build with a classical stone finish or a modern look with render, cladding and glass, the possibilities are endless. Due to the long spans of the floor joists and roof panels large open plan, flexible spaces are easy to create within a SIPs home too! When it comes to planning your SIPs home the only limit is your imagination.


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